Intelligent made in EAC group


Product description: Aseptic Filling Newamstar has the exclusive matured medium and high speed PET aseptic cold filling technology in China. The technology has comprehensive adaptability for beverage products.

Green jadeite and shining temple are differently exotic feel, which gave me a deep impression by a Chinese neighbor, is also a association of southeast asia, Myanmar.
After over a hour trip, the plane arrived in Myanmar. Looking down at the earth, you can see the landmark, tower-type building, which is shining in the sunshine. After a while, the plane was slowly landing. When opening the door, the hot wave found us, there are all stuffiness air between breathing. 
The pedestrian, without shoes, radiated happiness from their faces, those smiles stood aloof from worldly success, which seemed everything was nice.
Just because the multi-party election, opened the nation which governed by army. Departing from the whole world, Myanmar still continues the traditional living way, rough and simple, poor but natural, keeping in pace with nature and Buddha. His opening seemed not that obvious, some tiny spots still made you flash. Free wifi under shwe dagon Pagoda, encountering the signs with ATM… The time is quickly changing, which forces Myanmar advancing.
In recent years, Myanmar’s economy is developing stably, people’s living conditions are improving step by step. Local people are paying more and more attention to health. In one day, Myanmar will be one of the most potential drinking water markets by hot climate and tremendous consuming group.
To grasp this trend, to aim the chance, the EAC group in Myanmar undoubtly shouldering the duty to accerlate the whole market. EAC group set up in 1994. At the beginning, the whole business is to export agricultural products and import consuming products from China. In 1996, the group began to change its role, generating close relationship with these fields like food, beverage and cosmetic goods. The EAC has 9 production fields, which is called Unilever in Myanmar, household detergent enjoys a high reputation in Myanmar, which takes up 70 percents of the market share.
EAC group began to turn its attention to beverage market in 2015, whose products like cup-packed juice and can-packed products are popular by consumers. In order to meet the demand of the market, EAC group march in drinking water field. After half year’s investigation, Newamstar’s production line are chosen by its strong research and production ability. EAC group bought several production lines from Newamstar, including 40000 BPH (1L) high speed blow combi, 18000 BPH (5L) high speed blow combi and 5L THP barrel line.